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Did you realize that PHP was produced in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf just to deal with his own site? The language presently has a great many clients who make fantastic sites. Facebook, Digg, ProProfs, Technorati, and Hurray have all been controlled by PHP. It is the most well known server-side scripting language everywhere throughout the world. On StackOverflow, the most well known QA stage for engineers, PHP positions third in the most famous advancements for front-end improvement. There were 16 million experts on StackOverflow in 2016, so you can envision how prevalent PHP is..

klifftechnologies is a standout amongst the best PHP improvement organization. Our group of probably the best PHP designers are Lerdorfs really taking shape. They are PHP wizards with a profound comprehension of the language. The sites we create are very lightweight and absolutely secure. With regards to creating sites, the quality that we give is unparalleled.

Benefits of PHP Development

Open Source

It is open source, which is really great since it removes the need for expensive upgrades which usually comes with most languages, which in turn reduces our costs.

Large Database Support

The sheer amount of databases that PHP supports is overwhelming. So if you already have your database, it can be used with PHP easily.

Low Maintenance Cost

In addition to low costs of development, PHP reduces maintenance costs. So your website can be made as well as maintained cost-effectively.

More Reliability

PHP is one of the most reliable and high performing languages in the web development industry. This helps us in making your website more reliable and better in performance.

Top Industries using  PHP

Hire dedicated php developers

Custom server-side APIs for mobile

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Get personalized services with us

Quick support & maintenance

Advanced web development approach

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