Fees and Payment.

1. All rights and privileges provided herein to you under these are subject to your payment of applicable fees, if any, to KliffTechnologies.com

2. KliffTechnologies reserves the right to change its prices for any Services and/or Products at any time or may elect to provide the Services and/or the Products that are currently available free of charge for a fee. Before we change the fees in effect or add new fees, we will give you advance notice of at least fifteen (15) days.

If you don't agree to such changes, you must cancel your subscription or terminate the Agreement in accordance with the below Section of these. If you cancel your subscription, your subscription ends at the end of your current subscription period or payment period, and no refunds for previously paid Services or and/or Products will be issued. If you choose to downgrade your Service Plan (including selecting a Free plan), you may cause the loss of User Content or features for its KliffTechnologies Customer Account. KliffTechnologies does not accept any liability for such loss.

3. If you purchase a Service Plan with automatic renewal of your subscription you agree to pay the fees quoted to you when you purchase that Service, which may by changed at the KliffTechnologies sole discretion. If you don't agree to these changes, you must cancel the Service Plan subscription during your current billing period.

If you do not cancel your subscription in accordance with section 7.8 of these Terms of Service, the subscription for the Service Plan is automatically renewed at the then-current price and term length for the next subscription period.

4. KliffTechnologies does not represent or warrant that a particular Service Plan will be offered indefinitely and, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable laws, reserves the right to change the fees for or alter the features in a particular Service Plan with further transforming them into "archived" status (the "Archived plans", and together with “Service Plan“ the “Plan(s)“) without prior notification.

5. No Refunds. The customer pays KliffTechnologies all fees associated with its Service Plan or use of the Services and the Products. The customer’s payments are not fully or partially refundable.

6. Payment for access to the Services and the Products shall be at prices as agreed upon between you and KliffTechnologies. KliffTechnologies offers multiple service plans for users with different fees and features for each plan (the “Service Plan”) as specified in Pricing Section on the Website. KliffTechnologies has the right at its sole discretion to modify, restructure or terminate any Service Plan or Archived Plan, including determining that continued sale or support for any of them is no longer economically practicable.

7. Upon expiration of a commercial subscription term, a 15-day period is provided, during which your KliffTechnologies Customer Account remains active (the “Grace period”). If you purchased a new commercial subscription within the Grace period, a new subscription term starts at the moment when the previous one ends.

8. Upon expiration of a commercial subscription term, and if you require to proceed using your KliffTechnologies Customer Account under a Free or cheaper Service Plan, and to avoid suspension of your KliffTechnologies Customer Account in the manner prescribed, the Administrator must within the Grace period manually identify and delete all the User Content, incompatible with a Free or cheaper Service Plan using the “Plan compatibility chart”, which is a tool that provides an Administrator with the ability to identify such type of User Content that cannot be transferred when switching to a Service Plan with less functionality and/or lower limits (the “cheaper Service Plan”).

9. Delivery of the Services and the Products, if any, shall be made at the moment of payment. All fees are exclusive of taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities unless stated otherwise. You are responsible for paying any such applicable tax.

You acknowledge that the amount billed for the Service Plan may vary for reasons that include promotional offers, changes in the User Account, or changes in the amount of applicable sales tax/VAT/GST, etc., and you authorize us to bill you for such varying amounts.

10. Payment for access to Third Party Materials shall be made to third parties, if applicable unless otherwise stated herein. You agree to use the Third Party Materials in accordance with these Terms of Service and subject to such third party’s terms of service.

11. You agree that if you purchase any subscription or other services for your User Account, KliffTechnologies may enroll you in the automatic renewal of your subscription by withdrawing funds from the payment method that you used to complete the purchase or enrollment order. You may turn off this option at any time through your User Account.

Term and Termination.

1. The term of these Terms of Service shall begin when you start using the Website, the Services, or the Products and shall continue in perpetuity so long as you continue to use the Website, the Services, or the Products unless otherwise terminated by KliffTechnologies or you by written notice.

KliffTechnologies reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue the Website, the Services, or the Products, or any part thereof (including any features of the Services), or terminate these Terms of Service with you at any time, upon notice, and without any liability to KliffTechnologies whatsoever. In such cases, KliffTechnologies has no obligation to make any refunds.

2. If you want to terminate these Terms of Service and delete your KliffTechnologies Customer Account, you may do so by notifying KliffTechnologies at any time in writing at the address provided in the "Contracting Party" section below. You are solely responsible for terminating your KliffTechnologies Customer Account. Your KliffTechnologies Customer Account will be deleted.

3. Without prejudice to any other rights, these Terms of Service will terminate automatically (except for those provisions that shall survive): (1) if you fail to comply with any of the limitations or other requirements described herein, or (2) if we have reasons to believe that your use of the Website or the Service (or any part thereof) may create risks for KliffTechnologies business, (3) if any third-party software, service, or technology used for the operation of the Website, the Services, or the Products terminates or substantially changes their provision terms, (4) if there are any critical amendments in the current legislation or regulations of state bodies that affect KliffTechnologies which result in impossibility or excessively difficult provision of the Website, the Services, or the Products, (5) in the force majeure circumstances (Force Majeure) as described in the Force Majeure herein.

4. Upon termination, you must immediately cease using the Website, the Services, and the Products, including without limitation any use of the KliffTechnologies Intellectual Property.