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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM Manages your customer information for various purposes such as: Leads Management,
Sales forecasting and conversion. It allows you to manage all customers, partners, credential information all in one place.


Enterprise Resource Planning

The ERP system integrates various organizational systems and facilitates
error-free transactions and production, thereby increasing the efficiency of the organization


Content Management System

CMS supports and modifies digital content in a website such as Wordpress, Magento, opencart, Drupal, Zoomla etc.


Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System helps you to track orders, sales and deliveries.


Database software

A database program is the heart of a business information system and provides file creation, data entry, update, query and reporting functions. The traditional term for database software is "database management system.


Office Management/ Empolyee Management

Office management is a profession involving the design, implementation, evaluation, and maintenance of the process of work within an office or other organization, in order to sustain and improve efficiency and productivity.


Experienced Team

We are a custom website designing & development company in United States, Virginia. We have experienced team of professionals such as: Team of coders, Website Designers, Digital Marketing experts, Graphic Designers.

Error Free Code

We have experienced team of Website Developers. They design all the website Error-Free. We provide you easy access of your website, so that you can manage on your own.

Well Structured Website

We at Kliff Technologies offer world class interactive website design services to give your business a significant boost. Our websites are fully responsive and well coded.

Website Development Process

There are numerous steps in the website designing and development process. Under this process, we need to consider few things: Purpose, Goals, Target Audience and Content.

Then based on the information gathered so far, we determine the look and feel of the website, ensuring that the final website will match your needs and taste. We work together this way, giving you an opportunity to express your likes and dislikes.

And then begins developing, where the website is actually created taking all the individual elements form the prototype and creating a functional website. After that we perform testing of final details like any last minute compatibility issue ensuring that website is properly optimized.

Once we receive your approval, it is the time to deliver the website. We now upload all the files to server, quickly testing again to make sure that the entire website is functioning properly.


The process begins by knowing your goals and objectives for the web site that will help us to analyze the information needed to justify the budget and resources required.

Database and Design

At this stage, we will build prototypes of parts of the site with a detailed architecture to test what it feels like to move around within the design and how it will function.

Development and Testing

Now, the overall design as the prototype matures into the full-blown website and with all pages completed and all database and programming components linked, it is ready for testing.


At ‘Kliff Technologies’ we deliver all the business needs of our customers at the earliest. We deliver all the websites with impressive looks. Our prime goal is to deliver high standard of work at reasonable rates. We are among the best website designing & Development company in United States.

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E-Commerce Development

Ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services through Internet, Ecommerce is big business and through this, you can generate your business leads by yourself. We deliver well-designed ecommerce website with attractive features. Some important features of Ecommerce website are listed below:

  • Variety for shoppers: Ecommerce website provide unique way to shop online.
  • Fast And Secure: Ecommer websites bring ways to compare prices between multiple vendors.
  • Business to business electronic data intercharge





Open Source Web Development

At Kliff Technologies, we can create open source website for your company that truly speaks your vision and purpose. Your website will be created with the goal to compel your target customers to notice your company. When it comes to open source development, it’s not the size of your company that matters; it’s how you market it. We are proud of having all the skills you need under one roof.





Custom Web Development

Custom development is a viable alternative resource when an “out-of-the-box” solution won’t do what you need it to do. Custom development can provide the solution in the exact manner you need. We have expert website programmers and designers that can turn any website into a specialized store or a community. If you have a custom need that requires a custom solution, we can help.






Website Designing Package starts from $ 99 Please check our packages and pick that suits you best.


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